A Journal of a Self-made Writer. WikinutAwesome was derived from combining the four words: Wiki, Nut, Awe and Some from an English dictionary. Each word has its own meaning and when combined together as one word - WikinutAwesome speaks and suggests thousands of relevant subjects and ideas.

Inviting People

Attention Web-masters, Merchants, Affiliates, Online Bloggers and other types of Online Writers - it is about time to Try the power of ZEEF for your online activities. Through this tool you can help to filtering the world’s information.

And by creating pages about the things you liked and loved so greatly - including those interesting discoveries you found, the rest of billion surfers from around the world - who are thirsty and hungry would benefit from those great information you’ve shared.

If you were businessmen, educators, company owners and etc. - then ZEEF is for you. Welcome and enjoy ZEEFING. See you around…

Powerful Tool

From the time I started using ZEEF that started on March 31, 2014 and with the help of Sir Frido - one of ZEEF’s founders and his Team, my wish came true. I am now enjoying the power of ZEEF for all my online activities.

With ZEEF, I ably have created a wonderful world for my awesome blogging hobby. I just hope who ever visit my ZEEF page would have the time to hang-on a little longer and enjoy with the things I had joyfully have shared on ZEEF. I am open for any questions and suggestions.

Now I can say that ZEEF is powerful tool available online connecting people with the same purpose “looking for great information”.


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